Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Style Blog Featuring Me

A few nights ago my friend Chris interviewed for his project "Style Blog." You all know I have a phobia of being recorded because I hate my voice. I cringed when I watched this. Talking about my style is so hard because I like what I like and I don't know why. Any hoo, enjoy!


stellarfashion said...

This is so cool. I really enjoyed it. Don't worry about your voice lol. I have the softest voice and wish I could put some more bass in it to sound my age lol. The video stops at 2:18. Not sure if that is a concern, but I'm looking forward to more video fashion commentary from you:)

Monique said...

You're too cute and I love your passion for all things fashion! :)

TamStyles said...

Girl please...you are tripping. Your voice is (in the best way) HAWT..Mine is kinda deep to. I use to do a bit of radio and was told my voice is "BUTCH"..like is that a radio voice term? Anyway....you sound and look great.

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