Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Call The Poparazzi On Myself

This is my second time wearing this zip-up dress that Deidre from Pushing The Cutting Edge gave me. The dress was from Jen's Fashion Plus, which is totally nonexistent now! I miss her eBay store so much! I love Deidre so much and her personal style is similar to mine. It's great to have blogger friends to trade clothes with. I'm interested in doing a clothing swap with some other bloggers. What's your input on that??? I need feedback! That would be super fun! I wore the dress to Lotus Lounge where I attended a friend of a friend's birthday celebration. I got a few snaps from the photographer. My eyes look so small because I had teal eyeshadow on my lower lid. I loved my make-up that night though! The red-lipped diva is one of my BFF's and hairstylist, Preston. Follow him on Twitter.
Clutch: Vintage Gucci - Earrings: Belle Boss Jewelry (my line) - Lipstick: Snob by MAC


Chanel said...

Love, LOVE, <3 that dress!!!!!!!! It's amazing! I love to see another plus size girl doing her thing!!!! :)

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thickspot said...

u look amazing and i would love to do a clothing swap!!!!

Kanesha said...

i freaking love that dress! swear you be doing the damn thing with the clothes so I would love a fashion swap!! & I'm anticipating Belle Boss

Fatshionista In Paradise said...

That dress is just...DAMN! You rockin it mama :)

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