Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Timberland Trend

With fall creeping in quicker than expected, it's time to add staples to our closets. Whatever you dub them -Timbs, Timbos, wheats, butters, constructs - are a definite must-have this season. The classic appeal and simplistic design of these boots have been in rotation since the 90s. This trend was made even more popular by Jay-Z and Kanye and now is a hot commodity seen on the likes of some of my favorite fashionistas Emily B, Teyana Taylor,and Rihanna. I love these boots because they allow for so much creativity in styling. Get you a pair of Timberlands and add an edgy, tomboy flair to your outfit. I plan on purchasing a pair for my alumni homecoming next month. My head is spinning with possible outfits.
How are you going to style yours?


ontheqtrain said...

I dont think I would ever go back to wearing construction timbs, but Rihanna styled them the best.

Jaida McKie said...

I never ever thought about going back to rocking Timbs, but they're cute and classic. I would just have to rock them once it's cold for good because they're hot and heavy shoes. Lol

Snow Black said...

LIke in the second pic ! Wow, who would have thoughts Timbs would be back ;) ?

MissThang said...

I can't do the timbs again! NONE of those outfits look "stylish" to me...different strokes for different folks I guess

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